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Amstel’s privacy policy

I got an e-mail today which kind of surprised me. Apparently I once entered some kind of competition or something similar at the Amstel website.

Amstel is a Dutch beer brewery and their beer tastes like tasteless beer with a pinch of vomit. They are owned by Heineken, a brand name which will probably ring a bell.

The e-mail contained the following text (although I let Babelfish translate it to English for your reading pleasure):

Dear Dennis,

Recently you took part in one of our action. Because we keep all data temporarily only, we let us want know let you by means of this e-mail that we will remove your data from our database. If you want nevertheless be kept informed of other action which we organise, register you then for our newsletter by means of this link. You can indicate then yourself exactly on which subjects want receive your information of us. Click here to register you for the newsletter. If you do not react within 10 days we will automatically write out your data from our database.

Kind regards,


The thing that surprised me wasn't the lousy translation by our friends at AltaVista but how nice those Amstel guys are.

According to this e-mail they actually delete old customer data and just stop harassing my mailbox if I don't sign up for the newsletter. Great!