Dennis Laumen We who cut mere stones must always be envisioning cathedrals

Enjoy the silence

I just watched some TV and saw something really funny. They were showing a football match and the funny thing about it was that there were absolutely no people in the stadium. Just 22 men on the pitch and some staff members at the side and that was it.The match became very surreal because of this. Suddenly al kinds of strange sounds could be heard, sounds you normally don't hear and players are clearly heared communicating and verbally punishing each other for their terrible passing or their lousy shooting.

The funniest thing about the match were the VIP's I noticed a couple of minutes later. Both clubs could bring a few people a long. These were mostly sponsors and some local celibrities. All of them were enjoying the match in their most expensive suits while sipping their Chardonnay's.

Suddenly out of nothing one of the two teams scored. The dance music starts pumping out of the speakers at an insane volume and the VIP's start nodding their heads to the rythm of the beat and sipped their Chardonnay's a little bit faster.

A couple of minutes (and probably a couple of Chardonnay's later) the VIP's start chanting like your regular drunken hooligan, trying to cheer their team to victory.

After this bizarre bit of television I wonder...

Does this sport turn regular, civilized people into obnoxious screaming idiots or was it just the alcohol?