Dennis Laumen We who cut mere stones must always be envisioning cathedrals


OK, Pascal finally gave me and Loe the long awaited GIMP instructions. I started editing the worst picture ever made of me and this is an early first draft:

I will edit a decent picture later this week which I can use in that bar right next to this text.

EDIT: Apparently Blogger converts my uploaded PNG images to JPG's. Pretty weird behaviour...

EDIT 2: OK, I used it as my avatar and although it does display it correctly now, I will have to change the canvas size so more of my face is shown instead of some empty space above it.

EDIT 3: OK, I adjusted the canvas. Now all I have to do is make sure my hand doesn't cross that bloody line! I will do that another day, I already had my daily dose of GIMPin' and stuff today.