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Pretty quiet on the bug squashing front

As I was just browsing through some old mail in Evolution I saw that my last Breezy bug was posted a little while ago. It was almost a week ago since my last visit to Bugzilla.

I had been pretty active on the bug squashing front lately finding a lot of bugs in rhythmbox, banshee, eye of gnome, gksudo, evolution, serpentine, nautilus and a few other applications.

To me personally this is my biggest contribution (for now) to the Ubuntu community which gave me a great distribution and a lot of great applications.

Most people starting out playing around the Open Source community think they are useless to the community because they cannot program. But there is a lot of work to do for those who can not separate false from 0.

Some people can write documentation for projects. Other can make some artwork or translate applications and documentation. Somebody else could help people on the forums or in the IRC channels. There is a lot of work to do, but together we will get the job done.