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Being inspired by Loe I checked out the Dutch Ubuntu Wiki today.

Loe told me the Dutch wiki wasn't very filled yet (is filled the verb to use in this context?) and contained some minor spelling errors and small inconsistencies.

Inspired by his remarks I went on a little Wiki hunt and corrected some of the aforementioned errors and inconsistencies. It was my first time editing a Wiki so I sure hope I didn't screw things up. Dennis crosses his fingers

I also added a little page of my own to link to when people click my name in the Wiki. I did this because the Wiki created a link to a not-yet created page called DennisLaumen. I sure hope this is acceptable behaviour because I have no idea about Wiki etiquette (Wikiquette?).

If anyone can give me some tips on this matter I would be gratefull.

I'm gonna call it a day, good night!