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Rhythmbox out, Muine in

Our good friend the Breezy Badger has behaved himself pretty good the last few days. The only thing that still irritates me about it is Rhythmbox.

This application is really driving me crazy! On every install I do it works for approximately two days and after that it just stops working. According to the debug output, segmentation faults occur. If I understood correctly this means that Rhythmbox is trying to access memory it isn't allowed to (correct me if I am wrong). I wonder why applications like these are being used as the standard music player in Ubuntu? And yeah I already filed a bug...

Anyway to get to the point. After being harrassed by Spacey for ages (just kidding Spacey!) on IRC (#ubuntu-nl on Freenode) to give Muine a try I finally did (again, the first time wasn't such a joyous occasion).

And I must say: It's great! It takes a couple of minutes to get used to because of the 'weird' interface, but after you get the hang of it, it's really great! Do remember to install the muine-plugin-trayicon to be able to control the application from the tray icon.

Here's a screenshot of Muine:Muine