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The Dapper Drake

If the reactions on our IRC channel (#ubuntu-nl op and Dennis's blog are representative for the Dutch people, everyone in the Netherlands assumes that the English word drake (The next Ubuntu release will be codenamed Dapper Drake) means dragon (the Dutch word for dragon is draak).

As some of you might know, this is far from the truth! A drake is not even remotely as dangerous as a dragon, it is just a male duck! It might sound a lot less tough but it sounds a lot better when comparing it to the animals used in the previous codenames: warthog, hedgehog and badger.

To make the story complete: The English word dapper has nothing to do with courage (the Dutch word for courage is... dapper!) . Dapper is just another word for fashionable or well dressed.

Our next Ubuntu release will be named after a metrosexual duck!