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Catching up with Rommel, Genghis Khan and Subversion

Long time no blog...

I have been pretty busy lately which is why I didn't blog for a while (hmm... I keep repeating myself on this one :D). I have been real busy with school the last couple of weeks and had some personal projects I really needed to finish.

After I did finish these I took a couple of days of from life and did absolutely nothing except for hunting the Afrika Korps out of Africa (Noisy Flash-site warning!!!) and working on my campaign for Mongolian World Domination(Noisy Flash-site warning!!!).

The last week I decided to finally build a Subversion server here. After Loe's filesystem hassles and version fuckups I decided to do him a favour ;).

Initial setup didn't go so great, I had trouble configuring the thing correctly and didn't really understand the authorization part of the configuration. I was trying to run it with the svnserve daemon and a SSH tunnel but I couldn't get it to work flawlessly.

After screwing around with it and finally RTFM I decided to go the Apache & DAV route. This went pretty easy I must say. After configuring it I have been playing around with it and started using it for some school projects and I must say I really like it.

After the initial installation I apt-getted WebSVN as well. It is a PHP web interface for Subversion and it's pretty nice. It has got template support and supports RSS feeds for the repositories out of the box (hooray for RSS!!!).

I am going to wrap it up for this post. I am considering writing a Subversion tutorial one of these days but I will probably never get around to it :D.