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GMail for Domains

Before using my e-mail address I primarily used a GMail address. I loved it! GMail's webinterface is vastly superior to any e-mail webinterface I used. When Google started the GMail for Domains beta-test I immediately signed up for it.

Last week I got invited for the test. All I had to do was change some MX-records. Now I can use the GMail webinterface and Google's diskspace (2 gigabytes per user I decide to create ;)) for my mail while still retaining my address.

It isn't much different from the normal GMail experience. There's an extra admin panel which allows you to add extra users (manually or using a CSV file) and aliasses (including a catch-all). It's an equal experience from a user perspective though, with the exception of not having Google Calendar integration yet (which some users already have, being rolled out while we speak... uhm write... uhm read).