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Quake 4 Update And Running It On Ubuntu

Apparently I was still playing Quake 4 1.2 while there was a 1.3 update released the 25th of July. This kind of explains why so few people were online lately :).

It looks like a pretty big update. It contains: - Gameplay tweaks like weapon balancing. - Some performance improvements. - A completely new gametype (Deadzone). - A new weapon (Napalm Launcher). - 8 new maps. - 4 revised maps (to include Deadzone support). - A buy mode server option (like Counterstrike has).

A complete changelog can be found here and the download page here.

Running it on Ubuntu works like a charm. There is a little problem with the sound however. It kind of stutters and sounds horrible. This can be fixed by starting the game with the '+set s_driver oss' command line directive (this can also be set in a config file off course).