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Angels and Demons

Last week I did some reading again (hadn't read a novel in months). The book of choice was Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, known for his book The Da Vinci Code.

Having read The Da Vinci Code I was curious for Brown's older work. The choice for Angels and Demons was pretty straight forward as it's the only other book featuring Brown's protagonist Robert Langdon.

Although I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code it obviously was pretty low brow literature. Brown's not a great stylist and the characters aren't worked out very well. One thing Brown does know how to do is write a thrilling story, both books are excellent page turners.

A big downside to Brown's writing is that he takes the word fact very loosely. Like in The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons is full of so called facts which are either exaggerated or just blatant lies.

Another downside to both books is that they're both really alike. After reading them both you will notice that both books have a very similar storyline (including very similar plot twists). Both books are clearly modelled after the same mould. Let's hope Brown has some more tricks up his sleeve for future novels.

Albeit the majority of this post doesn't look very positive it must be said that Angels and Demons is very enjoyable. It's like a well-crafted action movie: stupid, fast-paced and quite enjoyable when halfway drunk.