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WordPress MU migration almost finished

I hadn't blogged about it before but I started migrating my weblog to WordPress MU this week. WordPress MU is a multi user version of the well known WordPress software. It provides easy management of multiple blogs. This was pretty usefull to me as I ran two WordPress installs, one for myself and one for Ramon. When Ramon approached me for a third install which should be a political blog for him and Gijs (the most repugnant man alive...). I decided it was time for a change and started searching for something to manage multiple blogs with. Fortunately WordPress MU was around as I am pretty happy with WordPress.

Everything went pretty smooth. I exported my old database with the WordPress eXtended RSS tool (WXR) and imported it into the new setup. Changed the subdomain to the new folder an... tada!

Easy peasy Japanese!

Now all that's left to do is export and import Ramon's blog and create a new one for Gijs and Ramon.