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DebOrphan is a package I have been using for a while now. It's a command-line tool for debian-based distros and it helps you remove orphaned packages. While browsing a bit through Synaptic I stumbled upon GtkOrphan.

As it's name implies it's a GUI front-end for DebOrphan. It lists all orphaned packages on your system and you can remove them with a couple of mouse clicks. Really great for cleaning up all those packages wandering around on your system. It has a few clumsy GUI issues but nothing too disturbing (as it's not a package you will use every day).

DebOrphan (and thus GtkOrphan) has a big downside though. It lists all top-level packages, i.e. packages on which no other package depends, which means you shouldn't go around deleting all the packages it suggests. You need to have a thorough understanding of all the packages on your system which makes it less usable for newcomers.

Have fun using it, but don't come back crying when you devastated your system.