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The GNOME music player dilemma

Just like Loe I am having difficulty on deciding on a music player for Ubuntu. There are several options:

Right now, Exaile and Quod Libet aren't real options however.

Quod Libet's interface is WAY too confusing! You can adapt the interface to your personal needs but honestly I don't want to, I just want reasonable defaults.

Exaile's interface is just as horrible, although I must admit I am basing this solely on screenshots. It has vertical tabs for crying out loud! And I really, really hate vertical tabs! Furthermore I really don't fancy browsing through 3000+ FLAC's with a treeview.

All other options (Rhythmbox, Banshee, Muine and Listen) have some serious flaws as well but are applications I could see myself using despite their flaws. Just like Loe I will probably devote a blogpost containing pros and cons for each one of them (sorry for stealing your thunder, mate ;)).