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Knot 2 out in the wild

Ubuntu Edgy Eft Knot 2 has just been released!

I am not running Edgy yet but reading these summaries really makes me curious. Canonical is putting a lot of new stuff in there:

  • Mono preinstalled! This makes it possible to include TomBoy and F-Spot by default.
  • 7.1, this apparently includes AIGLX. With Compiz apt-gettable this gives us easier access to "headache-inducing spinning cubes" as Corey Burger puts it.
  • New versions of popular desktop applications like Firefox 2.0b1, 2.0.3, Gaim 2.0b3 and all the GNOME 2.16b2 goodness!
  • Lots of optimizations and off course new versions of all the minor stuff like kernels and such ;).

Considering everything it looks like a very, very cool release so far and it doesn't even mention all the cool, experimental stuff like Upstart.