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The Turbo Explorers

Borland released their 'new' Turbo brand of IDE's today. They include Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, Turbo C++ and Turbo C#. They are simplified versions of their 'enterprise' IDE's. Best of all: They are free!

If these products are half-decent this is pretty good news for students. At my school Delphi was used for pretty much everything until they started using C#/.NET last year. Buying Delphi isn't an option through regular retail channels as it's not affordable for students. Special student stores like Surfspot are an option but with these stores there is the problem of availability and yet again price. They are a lot cheaper but applications like Turbo Pascal, which is pretty ancient, still cost around 50 euros.

I haven't tested the Turbo Explorers yet (because I am too lazy to boot into Windows) but when I do, you will be the first to know! ;)