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The Battle for Wesnoth

Today I discovered a great game hidden in the Ubuntu repositories: The Battle for Wesnoth

It's a Tactical RPG or a Role Playing Turn-Based Strategy game or whatever description suits you best. It has SNES-like graphics and gameplay which is reminiscent of the old Tactical RPG's on the SNES and the Sega MegaDrive. A more recent example of such a game would probably be the excellent Fire Emblem series on the GameBoy Advance (which started in Japan in the NES era but were never released in Europe until the recent releases on the GBA).

If you like the genre you owe it to yourself to: sudo apt-get install wesnoth (It's multi platform so if you are craving for some action on AmigaOS 4, BeOS, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, RISC OS or Microsoft Windows this will satisfy your needs as well).