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Editing Exif data

My father recently purchased a new digital camera. It's a pretty nice device but not the subject of this blog post. The subject of this blog post is the excellent package jhead (When using Ubuntu sudo apt-get install jhead does the trick). On it's official site the application is described as:

"Exif Jpeg header and thumbnail manipulator program"

Why did I need an Exif editor? When my father showed me the camera I immediately started taking pictures all over the place. The system date of the camera was not yet set which meant that all the pictures I took today were timestamped December 31st 2005.

Using jhead i fixed it with the following command:

jhead -ts2006:09:26-12:00:00 *.JPG

Which sets the Exif date of all the *.JPG files in the current folder to September 26th 2006 12 o'clock.

PS Wordpress should really add the word 'blog' to their spell checker!