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Google updates Domains and Reader services

The first update I discovered was pretty small (but important to me). I found out the GMail for Domains service offered Google Calendar in Dutch. At first Calendar was only available to users of the English user interface.

The second update is a pretty big one though. Google Reader, Google's online feed reader, was completely overhauled. It's actually pretty usable at the moment. The first version of Reader was truly a bunch of crap and really wasn't a replacement for Liferea, Blam! and the other Gnome feed readers even though I never liked either of them.

The new version however is an excellent replacement for it's desktop equivalents. Having your feed reader available online is a huge advantage to nearly everyone. The only reason an offline feed reader could be useful is probably for people with no broadband connection or people with laptops who travel a lot (or people who dislike web applications of course).

Being able to check my feeds at home, school or any other place where an internet connection is available is a huge liberation for me.