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A Month in Books: October 2006

Having been on holiday last month I got to read a couple of books. Here is the list in chronological order and rated using the well known five star system (Ramon can interpret it as the Star of David system):

Follow-up to the Colour of Magic which I read in September. A bit better than it's predecessor. Terry Pratchett's writing has started to grow on me. It's pretty confusing at first but once you get into it it's really enjoyable.

  • Tommy Wieringa - Joe Speedboot (*****)

A Dutch coming of age novel which features a disabled boy as the narrator. One of the best (Dutch) books I read the last couple of years.

A Dutch report on the Adolf Eichmann trial. I initially bought i because Loe always refers to this book as pretty much the only interesting book he has read during his high school period. Having read it myself I must say it's a really fascinating view on the trial but has some very boring parts which really slow the book down.

The third book in the Discworld series. This is the first book in the series not featuring Rincewind. Better than the first two books in the series as the story is more coherent and some characters are better built up.

I already started reading Terry Pratchett's Mort which is terribly funny so far. Death is a great character and he's one of Mort's main characters.