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Casino Royale

Last night I went to the cinema with Loe and Nick. We were all very curious how Daniel Craig portrayed James Bond hence we went to see Casino Royale.

It was a very enjoyable film. It's quite a change from previous Bond films. The first half of the film doesn't even contain Bondish elements (except for M) but is very good nonetheless. The opening credits are truly a piece of art and the opening sequence featured some wicked parkour action.

It's a lot more raw than previous Bond installments and this gives the series a well deserved refreshment. Craig's interpretation of the character is pretty raw as well which is a good thing. It's a lot different than previous interpretations but they are clearly building up the character all over again and will probably add more Bondish elements as the series continue.

The cheesy scenes are sparse (I hated the defibrillator scene). The movie has one extremely annoying character though, Mathis. He continually reflects and commentates the story developments as if the viewers are children.

The film is definitely a must-see in the action genre.