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Nintendo Wii

Because Loe recently blogged about it I'll dedicate this blog post to my Nintendo Wii. It was pretty difficult to acquire one. I didn't order one in advance so I had to scavenge Limburg looking for one at the 8th of december. Naturally I didn't find one as supply was low and demand was high.

A few days later, I decided to check out the launch at the local Makro (which is a Dutch wholesale business). I arrived about half an hour before the doors opened and was probably 20th in line or so. Fifteen minutes later even more people showed up and when the doors opened approximately 60 lunatics were present. At this point I already lost hope of getting a Wii that day but decided to check it out anyway.

As the doors opened, everybody went crazy. I mean EVERYBODY! Older people pushing aside kids, kids pushing aside older people. It was mayhem! After struggling to the entrance of the storehouse almost everybody was disappointed because they didn't have a lot of units present. Old folks were screaming some random sentences about "respect" and "normen en waarden".

At the Makro I also met an old classmate who told me he reserved a Wii at the local van Leest. He said they had a really short list of people who reserved it so I decided to reserve one there as well. After waiting for a week and a half I received my preciousss... and I have been in gaming heaven ever since ;). I'll post some short review/impression blog posts in the following weeks (if I feel like it ;)).