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Wii News Channel

I just got home from school and saw that my Wii's blue light was burning. This indicates I got a message. As I turned on the Wii I found an e-mail from Nintendo telling me that a firmware update was available which included the News Channel.

After downloading and installing the update I was presented with the News Channel. It's pretty cool. You can read the news the old way by just selecting a category and browse through the articles (which are provided by the Associated Press) or you can read your news Wii style. This shows you a globe with a little news ticker at the bottom of the screen. The globe just spins and indicates the location the news is from. When pressing the A button the current article in the ticker folds out to reveal the complete article (you can change font size with the + and - buttons). This is a pretty nice twist to reading the news and certainly livens it up a bit.