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Feisty Impressions #1: Migration Assistant

The first new thing I noticed when installing an Alpha version of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn was an addition to Ubiquity, Ubuntu's LiveCD installer. This addition is the Migration Assistant.

The Migration Assistant helps new users migrate to Ubuntu (as it's name implies ;)). It pops up somewhere in the installation process and scans the system's hard drive(s) and checks whether or not another operating system is installed. I couldn't test it because I was installing Feisty in VMWare.

It looks very good though. It should import your documents and settings from other Linux distributions and (more importantly) from Windows. It imports everything from instant messenger settings, address book and e-mail messages to user accounts, desktop backgrounds and internet connection settings. The way it imports documents is really nice as well. When for example MP3's are found in a user's Windows XP installation it imports the MP3's to the new Ubuntu installation and places it in the ~/Music folder and automagically sets up Rhythmbox to add those files to it's music library.

It looks like a very, very useful tool, especially for people coming from the Windows world and wanting to setup their new Ubuntu installation without too much hassle. I wasn't able to test it however so I can't judge the application's maturity and stability. If you want to try it out: be my guest. But remember: backup, backup, backup, backup, backup!