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Apollo Justice demo

A couple of weeks ago I picked up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All for my Nintendo DS. The Phoenix Wright games are quite difficult to categorize. They are best described as a mix between old school point-and-click adventure games and an interactive novel. I haven't finished the game yet (I'm working on the last case) but it has been pretty good so far.

Because I enjoyed Justice For All so much I am looking forward to the game's sequels. The third game in the series, Trials and Tribulations, will be coming out in Europe very soon. These three games form a trilogy which was originally released in Japan on the Gameboy Advance a couple of years ago. The fourth game in the series (and the start of a new trilogy) will have it's European release in March. This game is the first to feature a new protagonist, Apollo Justice, and is the first real DS release in the series.