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Zemifying My Blog Posts

Zemanta Wordpress plugin

I usually like freshening up my blog posts with some Creative Commons licensed pictures from Flickr and link to some Wikipedia articles on the subject I'm writing about. While scanning my Google Reader crop of this morning I discovered a new tool called Zemanta. Zemanta is basically a Firefox add-on which assists the process of freshening up your blog posts with links and pictures. But how does it work? The Firefox add-on inserts the frame shown in the image on the left (I'll call it the Zemanta bar from now on) into your editor screen in your blogging software. Based on the content of the blog post you're typing it shows some pictures fetched from Flickr and some other sources and shows some articles to link to. As an added bonus it also offers to add links to some of the keywords in your post. These links either point to a Wikipedia article or the subject's official website. In's software it also adds suggested tags for your article. So far I'm really, really linking it. It removes all the overhead of finding images and pasting in all the links. If the above paragraphs even sound remotely interesting to you I really urge you to install the Firefox add-on because I really, really like it. So far it has some small disadvantages though. The Zemanta bar is limited to nine images and six articles. It's a shame you can't click through to a separate page which shows some more results. On top of that the results aren't always up to snuff. Being an early release this is understandable. The results being mediocre wouldn't be a disaster if they weren't limited to the top 9 or 5. Let me know what you think about Zemanta in the comments!