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Kensington iPod FM Transmitter

Last week I borrowed a colleague's iPod FM Transmitter. My current rental car's audio system doesn't play MP3's so an FM transmitter for my iPod would be great. The Kensington iPod FM Transmitter allows you to stream the iPod's music on a random FM frequency.

I was really excited before trying the device! The features it promises are exactly what I need. If the device would work that is. In two one-hour drives I didn't find a single frequency which gave me even mediocre sound quality! I wasn't expecting crisp and clear audio but this wasn't audible. It was mostly just some noise mixed with some bits of the music your iPod's playing.I was really disappointed with the device. I expected a lot from it but it didn't even deliver on it's core features. It worked on two of my colleague's cars though so it's probably just incompatible with my car.