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Blogging like a hacker

I'm writing this blog post using an iPad, a bluetooth keyboard, and the iPad app Prompt connecting to an Amazon EC2 instance running emacs. That should give you an idea as to what kind of guy I am, a masochist... no wait, a geek. Being a geek and apparently a masochist, Wordpress never really suited my needs as a blogging platform. It has all these outlandish features like user friendly graphical user interfaces and rich text editors. Yuk!

Enter Octopress, a blogging platform built around the concept of static HTML generated from Markdown sources. Octopress isn't appropiate for all you normies out there, but for a masochistic geek like myself it's heaven. What's not to like:

  • You never have to update Wordpress again!
  • You can save your blog posts in Git!
  • You don't have to worry about security! PS evil hacker dudes, please don't regard this as a challenge.
  • You can use any text editor you like!
  • You can use cheap to free hosting! Like S3 or Github Pages.
  • You can store everything in plain text! Like Dave and Andy taught us "Keep knowledge in plain text".
  • You can write patronizing blog posts about how much more awesome you are than your blogging buddies!

Usually I would promise all kinds of stuff here about future blog posts but I know myself better than that. Those blog posts will never be written. As the Dutch say, "a donkey never hits himself two times on the same stone".